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The Doctor's Diagnosis

Physicians, Dentist and Osteopathic practitioners are some of the highest income earning professionals in the United States of America. Yet, when compared to the Nations’ vast population of professionals, on average and in comparison, a doctor’s net-worth generally falls off quite precipitously*. Why you may ask? There are several reasons that contribute to this asset retention disparity; ones that can be intentionally corrected if a dedication to improvement and resolute standards are adhered to. Our experience has proven that if a professional enjoys an affluent working lifestyle, yet consequently retires to something less than comparable, the encounter can be very painful and endured without assistance of acute care nor urgent treatment strategies. To avoid this unfortunate, but common occurrence, implementing a formal plan of therapeutics is crucial to pursuing a positive outcome. The following steps are vigorously suggested in working with a qualified planning professional:



  • Discuss Current Your Financials – Your History
  • Collect Information – Examination & Test  
  • Develop Goals – Interpretation of Results
  • Explore the Alternatives – Prescribe & Agree Upon Management of Care
  • Plan Implementation – Begin New Good Health Regiments & Medications
  • Reevaluate, Revise & Review – The Checkup



*Fierce Health Care -Practices (section) June 24, 2020 by Tina Reed “Doctors’ Pre-COVID-19 Net-Worth”.

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