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The Intentional Wealth Path

Financial independence is not a matter of chance, but rather a matter of choice. The days are long gone where one can live life haphazardly and expect to retire to a rich existence of comfort, fulfillment and dignity. A careful, targeted and methodical planning approach must be adhered to. Our firm’s collective years of professional experience has revealed to us that it is not about what you know that will derail the best of plans, but rather what you do not know that tends to be the silent culprit. So what type of planning may help ensure that all you have worked so hard for will be preserved to last and pass in an intentional manner? Planning with established professionals trained in just that sacred endeavor. Our approach will highlight and support you with these six (6) steps:


  • Determine Your Current Financial State of Affairs
  • Develop “Curated & Refined” Financial Goals
  • Identify Alternative Courses of Action
  • Evaluate the Alternatives and Commit to One
  • Implement a Professional Financial Action Plan
  • Review, Reevaluate and Revise annually to pursue your Optimal Outcome


“The intensity of one’s belief drives the urgency of one’s behavior”

  • Marcus T. Henderson, Sr., RFP®, AIF®, MRFC®

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